Have you seen the movie Eat, Pray, Love featuring one of my favourite actresses, Julia Roberts? Well, this is where she stayed during filming, I’m most certain.

I hope you all read Part #1 of our Scaccia Pensieri Travel Blog Series. If anyone has any questions or would like further information on travelling to Scaccia Pensieri, a Bed and Breakfast in Cherchio, Italy, please contact Tanya and Marco Iannicca directly on Messenger or on Facebook. They love to hear from new friends from around the world and would love to meet your acquaintance one day. And wait, did I mention Marco and Tanya opened with partners, Ugo Danese & Rosa Lusi, the first RE/MAX Real Estate Office in Avezzano? Yes, more on that note soon to come! You see, Real Estate is just not about selling homes. It’s also about living and enjoying real life experiences while travelling the world to see how others live in their homes and communities.

And now, back to FOOD, where Colazione, Cena and Pranzo are the most sacred times of the day! ( breakfast, lunch and dinner )

CIBO, means FOOD in Italian ( I personally think it means LOVE ). In my opinion there is no better food than what you will see, eat and experience while spending time in Europe, especially in beautiful Italia. While here in Canada, we shop for packaged and processed food at grocers like COSTCO, The Real Canadian Superstore, Longos, Fortinos, Metro & Sobeys. In Italy, people do not buy in bulk for value. This is very over-rated here and produces much waste. Italians buy food for quality and they buy specialty food items to enjoy on that particular day. The Italians always eat fresh. Yes, FRESH is the most important word here! In Cherchio, there is one small grocery store ( 20′ X 20′) which sells specialty items at reasonable prices so people can enjoy them often, no such thing as treats here, because food is the treat everyday! There is a quaint bakery which bakes bread daily, the Focaccia is to die for, a local butcher or delicatessen, a pasta maker which packages its pasta like a gift, and 2 bars! 🙂 Yes, 2 bars, a big thing in the Piazza’s here in Italy. Did I mention you can walk to all these local businesses? Wait till you read about them in a future Blog.

Now, the moment we opened the large wooden green doors of Scaccia Pensieri, we entered a room with warm ceramic floors, an authentic wood – oven used to make REAL Italian pizza, and the most charming, carefully thought-out ambiance to instantly fall in love with! The room was adorned with classic and vintage pieces of family traditions & heirlooms and Italian culture including a large wooden credenza which held white wooden baskets filled with delicious Italian breads, sweet buns, pastries, breakfast croissants, yummy jams and of course Nutella! How classic is that! There was an assortment of flavourful teas, sugars and honey for the Tea Lover, but where was the coffee? As I poked my head through the kitchen entrance, I noticed the Espresso, Cappuccino and Latte Machine perfectly perched on the counter in front of a window which overlooks the most scenic views of cobblestone steps and walkways, bright red Geraniums and Franchescino, my new friend. Every item in Scaccia Pensieri was perfectly positioned with meaning, making you want to explore and experience more. Tanya created a space to maximize a quaint and authentic experience.

We walked into the next room, the kitchen. Centred in the middle of the room was the kitchen table adorned with a checkered tablecloth with little hearts, and surrounded by 6 chairs. The beautiful white gas stove was ready for some loving, I saw it smile as we entered, really. In the corner was a a bright orange sectional sofa…and then, there it was, the fridge. This fridge was well-stocked with all our necessities, as white and red wine, milk, juice, eggs, more bread, yogourt, water both natural and sparkling, fruit and vegetables, tomatoes and more. No junk food in sight, not a bag of potato chips, cookies or chocolate.  Wait, did I mention it was 36degrees yet, we arrived in the middle of Italy’s heat wave, August can be like that. There are 3 windows with rod iron rails on the main level of Scaccia Pensieri, each with a basket of those lovely bright red Geraniums. There are also 2 gorgeous glass doors adorned with delicate Italian lace drapery pulled back with two heart ties. When you open these doors, you will step out to a small balcony which has views of the Town’s famous cobblestone walkway and staircase which leads you to the Town Experience. You will enjoy the Town Church, a Children’s Park and a small local Piazza, not to mention panoramic mountain views amongst other local treasures. Did I mention the larger Piazza in the Town Square? More to tell on that soon! We felt we had been there for a week already, but it was only a day…what was next?

And then it happened. Just like that, magic. FOOD appeared before our eyes. Tanya has that magical touch to make a tomato sauce like no other, and fast! I think she gets it from her mother, who is my mom Flora’s sister, Maria. But I’m sure our Grandmother, Salvatrice shared with them that special recipe. Fresh Italian tomatoes crushed by hand, scented green basil from her garden, real minced garlic ( and there is a way to mince garlic in Italy – by the palm of your hand ), a dash of salt, a dash of pepper and a whole lotta ‘ amore ‘ . Our first night in this quaint Town was all about tradition, family and love – pasta, bread and wine…and for dessert, fresh fruit. Quickly we realized and confirmed that food brings people together and makes people happy. It releases all frustrations and anxieties in life and it brings us closer together to share in conversations, laughter and love. Soon, we were going to forget where we were from and never wish to return. I also have to mention, Marco, Tanya’s charismatic husband has this special way of making people feel relaxed and happy, you will love spending time here. If you are lucky, and if he likes you, he will take you on a spin on the Ducati!

So far, we ate, we loved and now it was time to pray and get a good nights sleep…until the 7am Church Bells ring. We had no advance warning about these beautiful clanging Church Bells. Stay tuned for more!