As two vintage clocks hang above the kitchen’s most treasured piece, the perfectly centred white stove, I quickly observed that both clocks did not tell the correct time. In fact, the clocks did not work at all. I realized that this may be the perfect place for us after all. Time, it’s what we make of it, it’s not a number here at Scaccia Pensieri, Italy.

Founded in 2018, Creators and Owners of Scaccia Pensieri, my cousin Tanya ( De Biasi ) Iannicca & husband Marco Iannicca shared with us their true love and passion in creating this truly unique and special space where families & friends can enjoy time away from rush, routine and regular living. The meaning – Scaccia Pensieri, means ‘ no thoughts, no worries ‘, which in the end, by the time you have to depart, you end up wanting to stay, forever. It truly does have that kind of magical connection. Just ask my kids.

As we arrived to this small, quaint Town ( with a lot of history soon to share ), Cherchio, we realized it hasn’t changed much over the years. We noticed more people spending precious time outside, and with not a mobile device in sight. You can see more hand gestures flying through the air, exciting facial expressions, enjoyable laughing and cool conversations going on. A rare siting in Canada, not to mention, young people and old people engaging with each other. Yes, we were going to love it here!

Cherchio is a small Town located in the mountainesque Region of Aielli, in Abruzzo, Italy. It is approximately 1 hour from historic Rome, 1 hour from the beautiful beaches of Pescara, 20 minutes to their Toronto like city, Avezzano and a 3 hour ‘ worth it ‘ drive through the Amalfi Coast to the point of Positano and the island of Capri. If you catch high traffic time, on Fridays for example during the Ferragosto holidays in August ( when no one works and everyone celebrates ), be prepared to spend some time on a hot and happy 7 hour ride through the Amalfi Coast with panoramic views, narrow winding roads and inside mountain throughways. The population is roughly 1,700 people in Cherchio, mostly locals who have history and heritage in this small yet perfectly cultural town where life is simply about family, food and fond experiences. Did I mention the food? More to come on that topic!  The Town is small, yet the roads here are for everyone, from walkers, runners, drivers and cyclists, kids, people young and old – and all at the same time. These roads lead you to destinations that will leave you in complete awe.

Scaccia Pensieri was the original home to Marco Iannicca’s Grandparents. Marco’s Grandmother always wanted Marco to have this home to raise his own family one day. She knew that Marco would be able to create a beautiful space for not only his own family, but for other families and friends to enjoy over the years. But it didn’t come easy, it came with a lot of hard work. Soon, with the addition of vision, love and passion to create a magical setting, Marco and Tanya together refined the interior and exterior of the home so families and friends could experience an authentic life in an quaint and original setting and in a small charming Town. Did I mention the Church yet? Well, it is not hard to miss the 7am bells which ring loudly and proudly each morning and then every hour after that to remind locals a mass is set to begin. Yes, the Church is right next door, a simple reminder that God is always watching and is there whenever you need him. ( BTW, Tanya and Marco forgot to mention the Church Bells! 🙂 )

There are a few rules here in Cherchio, you can’t wear heels 🙂 , so I am happy to have brought only flats & Nike. Cobblestone walkways, stairways, streets adorn the Town of Cherchio. Each leading to a special spot and moment in time with expansive views that capture the true essence of mountains and history of this small yet quaint Town all at the same time. As you drive down the street to arrive at Scaccia Pensieri, your experiences and expectations begin like no other. To your left you will see original wooden doors which are entrances to a row of cobblestone & stucco townhomes, there is one home owner painting his original door green. To your right, a woman and her two young children, who we learned are from the South of France, vacationing in their small cobblestone home which has, in graffiti, the word LOVE spray painted on the door and her laundry hanging on a line. In view, you will see an older man, who we came to know as Franchescino, a very smart man, who sits daily on a white plastic chair, with his fly swatter and Nokia phone exploring his daily views of the Town Church, women going to church, men working and children running the streets. And then straight ahead, there it is, a court location, we see an elderly women with a gentle smile, whose name and friendship we have come to adore. Pina is waiting with curiosity from a distance. Her daughter owns the local Town Supermarket where everyone shops for REAL ITALIAN! ( more to come on that too ).

As we travelled slowly, not to miss each simple moment and experience the calm of Cherchio, I see two outdoor patio tables on the cobblestone patio, surrounded by many chairs, I realized there would be many fantastical moments to experience at this table this summer. Open, was a beautiful bright yellow umbrella shielding the bright sunshine.. and then, there it was, two original bright green doors with solid round copper handles adorned by exterior grape vines & greenery ready for seasonal wine making, rod iron balconies and window rails on each window and the perfect flower arrangements with bright red Geraniums which we watered each morning. We fell in love instantly with the happy yellow stucco exterior of Scaccia Pensieri as it welcomed us with love and affection. It was perfect. Scaccia Pensieri, A Bed and Breakfast.

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PART TWO – Saturday Morning, because nothing great is worth rushing.

Virginia Munden