February 24th, 2019

Thank you for following our MUNDENHOMES BLOG! Happy February & Happy Valentine’s Week… We hope you have been using this resource to follow and subscribe to our favourite ON-LINE NEWS source, OAKVILLE NEWS. As we continue to share our own personal favourite things to do as a family right here in our own home Town, we are going to begin sharing some exciting personal favourite people & local businesses too!
Every week Oakville News provides a complete listing of exciting ( and sometimes free ) local community events, so why not take advantage of getting to know community at its best. Being Lifelong Family Residents of this great town, we have always relied on local community sources like Oakville News to keep us up to date of the exciting happenings around town, so that as a family we can partake ourselves. Supporting local businesses is also something we take great pride in, so stay tuned for some of our local favourite shops to be experienced right here in our weekly BLOG.
I highly recommend Oakville News as the easiest source to use, as you can view right from the comfort of your own home at any time and right at your finger tips either from your mobile device or lab top or desktop computer. If you see an event you like, you can also use GOOGLE to source out more information to see if it would be something you or your family would enjoy!
Not only does Oakville News share local events, but it is also a great source of information about our local community, sharing news ( the good and the bad ) so that we can become educated residents to help our community be safe, help our neighbourhoods maintain property values and so we can enjoy quality of life .

To stay informed I subscribe to  OakvilleNews.Org. Subscriptions are free. Here is the link: https://oakvillenews.org/manage-email-subscriptions/ to cut and paste into your browser.

For Oakville Events this Weekend, February 22 – 24, 2019, here is the link: https://oakvillenews.org/events/

Our Top 3 Things to Do this Weekend:

#1 Stay local! Support local businesses and Entrepreneurs today! Downtown Oakville, Uptown Oakville, there are always some great places to catch for lunch, dinner, or coffee! Check out some of our favourite places on our Instagram Page at www.instagram.com/wayneandvirginiamunden and follow along on our LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE TOUR this February, supporting local businesses & local Entrepreneurs!

#2 Do you love Live Theatre? Well, now playing at the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts on Saturday, February 23rd from 1:00pm – 2:30pm, is Pete the Cat, ( ‘ When Pete the Cat gets caught rocking out after bedtime, the cat-catcher sends him to live with the Biddle family to learn his manners – and boy are they square! But for the groovy blue cat, life is an adventure no matter where you wind up, so the minute Pete walks in the door, he gets the whole family rocking. ‘ ) Perfect for the young age group of 3-8, it might be time to introduce your young family to Live Theatre. Tickets are $25.00.

#3. The 91st Academy Awards Screening is FREE at Oakville’s Favourite Movie Theatre, Film.ca. Located at 171 Speers Road, just West of Kerr Street. This Sunday between 6:30 – 11:30pm, you can watch the Award Show on a big screen, live broadcast from Hollywood locally hosted by Film.Ca CEO Jeff Knoll. They will have trivia, give-aways, their concession stand will be open for those who wish to purchase treats. Walk their red carpet and have your picture taken before the Awards begin. How exciting is this!

 To get more details, date and times of any Oakville Events, just visit and subscribe to Oakville News today at www.oakvillenews.org. You will never have to leave town again to enjoy exciting events with your family!


Wayne and Virginia Munden