Pretty much throughout the last 10 years in Canada, Real Estate has been a great investment and in 2017 home owners experienced a market like never before. Home prices went through the roof! Many home owners capitalized on this market and sold their homes for some of the highest prices in Real Estate history, but if they bought during this time too, they bought high!

As the 2018 year passed, many issues started to unravel including unaffordable housing, high levels of immigration, political changes and uncertainty in the Canadian economy. Oh, and let’s not forget about the fake news, this just doesn’t help at all. We now have Government involvement in housing strategies, our big banks adding new rules to the buying process, a stress test that has many buyers nervous, not to mention increasing interest rates. We now find ourselves in a unique situation. A situation that requires more knowledge, detailed research, better work ethics, stronger negotiation skills and the advise of a Real Estate Expert who can share truth regarding market opportunities. Although home sales were down in the last month of 2018, December still had home buyers making some very good decisions!

In 2019, buyers will control the housing market. Similar to after the big boom in the late 80’s, early 90’s, as home prices started to fall, buyers came off the couch and got active in the home buying process once again! Although lending conditions are tight, there are many mortgage brokers who will bid for your business in 2019. We know those specialists, so please keep us in mind if you are considering a buy this year. We will also put you in touch with a full Professional Suite of Industry Partners who will help make your home buying experience the best you have ever had. Just check out out Google Reviews and see how we can Help You Get Real Estate Right in 2019!