Exciting things are about to happen for you!

Happy New Year Everyone! May your 2019 be filled with an abundance of love and laughter, happiness, good health and success throughout the year…oh and possibly a new home!

Starting your search is probably the most exciting part of the buying process, but it can also come with many challenges. There are a number of questions you need to answer first before you set out your home search. When you have all your answers ready, you will saved much time, money and have less stress in the process.

So first things first, make sure you have your HOME BUYING JOURNAL READY! If you don’t have one, just ask us, we have our brand new 2019  HOME BUYING JOURNALS ready for your exciting journey, The Munden Homes Home Buying Journal. Here you will keep all your information handy, and when the right time is here, you will have your answers ready!

Here are the most important questions to have answers to:

#1 Who will assist me and represent my best interests in my Home Buying Process? ( I need a reputable and local Real Estate Agent )

#2 What can I afford?

#3 Do I have my downpayment ready?

#4 What type of home do I want to buy?

#5 Where do I want to buy?

#6 Do I have a list of committed professionals to assist me from start to finish of this exciting process? ( home inspectors, lawyers, movers, mortgage brokers/agents )

#7 Am I educated with the current Real Estate Market, home values and any financial laws

These are the some of the most important questions to have answers to before you begin your search. We can help make this a very positive and successful experience for you, don’t take chances on the single, most expensive investment you will ever make. Ensure you work with someone who knows but most importantly understands the process you are about to embark on.

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