2019, the Year to Win in Real Estate for our Local, Out of Town Buyers & Investors!

Much of what has recently been said by the media about our Real Estate Industry is true, but some of it is definitely FAKE NEWS. 2018 was a bit of a challenging year for many local Sellers, especially after coming out of such a hot year in 2017.  However, Buyers of Real Estate were eager to take advantage of these challenging times and optimize and capitalize on opportunities.

With local financial institutions or the big banks making it difficult for buyers to obtain mortgage approvals, especially over the $1,000,000 price-point, there have been others who have made it easy for buyers to win in Real Estate.

Qualification rules are based on several factors, including income levels, Debt Service Ratio, which according to Investipedia, in corporate finance, the Debt-Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) is a measure of the cash flow available to pay current debt obligations. The ratio states net operating income as a multiple of debt obligations due within one year, including interest, principal, sinking-fund and lease payments. The less debt you have the better your opportunities. Other factors include savings, investments, job security and so many others. How do you think you measure up?

If you are looking to jump into the Real Estate market early in 2019, it is best to speak to a qualified financial expert to see where you stand when it comes to your finances. We can make this happen. Out network of professionals is small, but they do the best job for our clients. They can not only serve you with all the education you need regarding financial obligations, but they will save you time and money while putting you on the right track towards home ownership. This is the first step.

Give us a call at 905 399 5910 or email us at vmunden@live.com to discuss your opportunities. We would love to take you on the journey to win in Real Estate in 2019!

Wayne & Virginia Munden