Many Home Sellers hire the services of a qualified, knowledgeable and experienced Listing Agent when selling their home on MLS. This is an industry practice that has been going on since before I began in this industry. These Real Estate Agents are licensed of course and take pride in selling homes in their area of expertise for top dollar using their proven marketing plan.


I strongly believe now, especially since the recent Real Estate market we have just experienced in the beginning of 2017 ( in Vancouver and Toronto GTA Markets, Oakville included ), the consumer, if buying a home, should hire the services of a qualified, experienced and knowledgeable Buyer Agent.


Home Buyers need the same protection that Home Sellers receive and they need to be given expert advice about their home purchase, whether new or resale.  The Buyer needs to be protected. There has been in the past months too many Multiple Offers taking place, not to mention bad advice given by some Realtors pushing clients to overpay for a home if they were competing in a multiple offer situation. In the earlier months of 2017, the win seemed to be more important than the experience for many. Clients were caught overpaying for homes that now they wish they did not. However, that being said, many buyers purchased their dream home to live in for a very long time. That to me is a win. Thankfully we chose not to participate in that market with our buyers, we told many to hang tight and wait.


The contract for Buyer Agency is quite similar to the contract for Seller Agency, except that we as your personal Realtor would review the contents pertaining to making a sound and solid purchase. The process is quite similar, except the comparable properties which are currently listed and have sold recently will be used to strategize a plan for price and negotiation purposes. The process is an exciting one, as it will help our clients understand the importance of market value in today’s changing Real Estate Market.


Our VIP Plan to help our Buyers achieve success has been developed and successfully implemented over the last 25 years to have our clients WIN on their investment. When you invest in Real Estate, you  want to ensure your equity is protected and grows throughout the many years you own your home and property. This will also assist you to achieve a quality life.


Call us today to review a Buyer Agency Contract and get the facts straight about hiring an experienced, knowledgeable and qualified Buyer Agent.


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