Welcome to Oakville, Canada

Oakville is made up of the most vibrant & unique communities for family living.  From the Center of the city to the new North & East Oakville Communities to the prestigious Waterfront Communities of South East Oakville and many more, the choices to maintain quality of life and property value of evident throughout them all.

Wayne Munden & Associates is knowledgeable in all areas of the OAKVILLE markets. Staying in touch with all communities through visiting Realtor Open Houses, building relationships with local businesses and attending Town Hall meetings gives this Team the edge to understand the growth of the Oakville community.

They are also knowledeable about Burlington, Hamilton, Milton and Mississauga. This team of professional realtors is able to serve you through their in depth studies & impeccable results in each one.

Several members of Wayne Munden & Associates are lifelong residents of Oakville and have been raising their families in here. This fact allows them to stay connected to the growth of this small town as well as all surrounding communities and cities.